Monday, May 30, 2011

Winter Thaw Shawl

Pattern "Winter Thaw" (available free on Ravelry or on Hedgehog fibers website)
My project on Ravelry with all information about yarn, needles and this project.
I was in love with this design the moment I saw it on Ravelry. Such a beautiful and enjoyable pattern. The edging is so beautiful and unique and was the reason I had to make this shawl.
Pictures were taken at La Jolla, CA just before sunset :-))

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Test knitting Sothia Shawlette.

I was test knitting this beautiful shawlette for Robin :-))
I enjoyed knitting this pattern a lot. It is very well written with lots of pictures on how to start a shawl and how increases are done. I think this shawl will be a great project for both, the beginner knitters and experienced ones. I like the resulting shape of the shawl very much. It gives the long corners which drape beautifully and allows to wrap the shawl very nicely around the body.
Thank you so much Robin for letting me test knit :-)) This was very enjoyable project and I certainty will knit another shawl :-))
All details about my project are on Ravelry.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers day :-)) / Мамин День :-))

Happy Mothers day everybody :))) I just want to share with my readers few sweet moments from my Mothers day celebration today and wish you all joyful and lovely Mothers day :-))
С Днём Мамы дорогие мои читатели :-)) Хочу поделиться с вами тёплыми и светлыми моментами моего сегодняшнего дня :-))

While waiting for more then an hour!!! to be seated at the restaurant for Mothers day brunch, I had done some knitting :-)) I am knitting a shawl. All the details on this project is on Ravelry.

Пока мы ждали в очереди  ( целый час !!!) чтоб пообедать в ресторане на Мамин день я смогла немного повязать :-)). Я вяжу шаль. Все детали на Равелри.

Monday, May 2, 2011

April: Month in pictures :-))

With a little delay this time ;-)), April in pictures :-)). I choose to show you beautiful La Jolla, California coastline.

Немного с опозданием в этот раз фотографии месяца Апреля :-)) Мне бы хотелось показать в этот раз красоту побережья в городе La Jolla ,California.