Sunday, January 22, 2012

"Platochek" shawl pattern.

"Platochek" shawl pattern is now available on Ravelry and my blog.
Thank you so much to all my wonderful test knitters for helping me out with this pattern and to all readers of my blog and my Ravelry friends for your support and kind comments :-))
Original post about this pattern can be found here.

Девочки спасибо всем большое за поддержку и за помощь в тестировании этой модельки :))) Платочек теперь доступен через Равелри или мой Блог :))

Happy Knitting,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Through the Eyes of Trees.

Today's post is not about knitting, but about my other passion, photography. I was in beautiful Balboa Park with my family today. The day was rather gloomy, bu still  very pleasant weather to be outside. On my trips to Balboa Park I always find new thing to photograph. Today, I was interested in the way sky, clouds, buildings look trough mostly bare tree branches. Here is my little story about what I have seen  today "Trough the Eyes of Trees" :-)) There are some other pictures I have taken today included as well.

Сегодня мой пост не о вязании, а о другом моём увлечении, фотографии. Я была сегодня с семьёй в Balboa Park . Каждый раз приходя туда, я нахожу что-то новое сфотографировать. Сегодня, моим интересом стали деревья. Мне было интересно увидеть как смотрится небо, облака, здания через практически голые веточки деревьев. Итак, моя небольшая история в фотографиях под названием "Глазами Деревьев" :-))

Have a great week and Happy Knitting,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Shawl Design: "Platochek".

I designed this shawl to take advantage of the beauty of variegated hand dyed yarns. These particular yarns look so beautiful in the skein, but are quite difficult to use in shawls. Lace patterns are often lost in all the colors and colors look not quite the same as in the skein. I feel, that the small lace pattern I used in this shawl is a beautiful backdrop to showcase all lovely colors variegated yarns have to offer. However, this shawl will also look lovely in any variety of yarns. The shawl only takes 1 skein of yarn, but due to non-traditional way increases are done the finished size of the shawl looks bigger then one would expect. This shawl has long edges, but shallow depth. This makes shawl very comfortable to wear, without it being too large.  This project was a very fast and enjoyable knit.

The shawl’s name “Platochek” means small kerchief or headscarf in Russian. There is a beloved Russian song “Siniy Paltocheck” ( The Blue Headscarf) made famous during WWII by Klavdia Shulzhenko

 Platochek”  shawl project can be found on Ravelry.
I have used 1 skein (437 yards (400 meters) of beautiful Juno Fibre Arts Buffy Sock (100% Wool, Fingering / 4 ply).


The pattern is ready to test knit. If you are interested in test knitting this shawl, please let me know :))

Русский текс поста последует вскoре ;-)

Happy Knitting, 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Snowbird Cardigan.

The last finished project of 2011 for me was "Snowbird" cardigan by Heidi Kirmaier. It was fast and enjoyable project. I modified the pattern a little by adding cables as a trim for collar, sleeves and body.
All details on my modifications including cable pattern and yarn used can be found on my Ravelry project page.
My project is called "Like a Snowbird".
I love this cardi :)) It is loose fitting, but I do love this fit for this particular style. Sleeves stretched a tiny bit after blocking, but I think I just leave them like that.
I learned few new things while knitting this cardigan. Among them knitting 2x2 cables without cable needle and using a different BO method form my usual one for a nicer finish.

Последним завершённым проектом 2011 года для меня стал кардиган "Snowbird" от Heidi Kirmaier. Проект было одно наслаждение вязать и связался кардиган довольно быстро..всего 2 недели :-))  И сделала ряд модификаций включая косички расположенные по краям полочек, рукавов и тела кардигана. Все подробности моих изменений, включая араны, можно найти на моей страничке проекта на Равелри.
 Мой проект называется "Like a Snowbird".
Я очень довольна кардиганом. Он немного свободен, но мне нравиться этот стиль в данной модели. Рукава немножечко растянулись после стирки, но я пожалуй оставлю их такими.
За время этого проекта я научилась некоторым новым вещам, таким как вязание аранов 2х2 без вспомогательной спицы и немного другое закрытие петель чем обычно.  

Happy Knitting,