Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Free Pattern: Sweet Nothing.

Sweet Nothing is an airy scarf/wrap with beautiful beaded picot bind off. This design takes advantage of the subtle difference in color and texture created by consecutively knitting with light kidsilk yarn and more darker alpaca. Alpaca stripe is knitted in st. st. and kidsilk stripe is knitted with dropped Yos to make it wider then alpaca stripe. “Sweet Nothing” can be easily worn for an evening out or for a casual occasion paired with an everyday outfit.

I have started this scarf as a travel project and then put it aside and finished it during the December holidays. Perfect little something to keep your hands busy when there is not enough time for more involved and complicated projects. Also, perfect project for watching Elementary ;-))
I wanted to use Miyuki beads for BO, but my favorite Bead shop near my house closed ;-((((( I could only find the Czech glass beads at Jo-Ann’s in the color I needed. Worked out well in the end.
6/0 Czech glass e-beads in colorway Crystal/Gold, about 74
A free pattern for this simple design is now available on Ravelry and my blog.
My project on Ravelry is here.

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Lynne Marie said...

Why is the pattern for this no longer available?

vj said...

Perhaps we'll never know.

Наталья Рыбакова said...

Диана, добрый день. Прошу прощения за беспокойство. Понравилась эта модель палантина, но описание недоступно для скачивания. Может быть есть возможность приобрести описание палантина?
С уважением, Наталья

sando said...

Thought I would copy this but am not sure if the dropped YOs comment on Ravelry page.

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