Sunday, January 19, 2014

New shawl pattern: Pier

 My new pattern Pier is now live on Ravelry and my blog :-))
Pier is a unisex shawl knitted sideways seamlessly in a simple garter stitch. This design takes advantage of the difference in stripes position to one another in the border and the body of the shawl. This shawl is a great beginner project and a nice relaxing project for the experienced knitters. There are just a few short rows and absolutely no stitches to be picked up for the border. The body and the border are knitted at once. Choose your favorite colors and have fun knitting Pier.


 The grey/pink shawl was a prototype I have knitted in light fingering yarn. The pattern instructions are for the design you see in the DK weight white/brown shawl.

 Happy knitting,


Fatinika said...

Очень красиво и стильно получилось )

Diana said...

Светлана спасибо большое :-))

Rinako said...

Диана,как всегда очень красиво и не избито!!!

Людмила - Luca said...

Дианочка, люблю заглядывать в твой блог, получаешь такой позитив от всего и от фото и твоих замечательных работ! Удачи и вдохновения!

Diana said...

Ина, Людмила спасибо вам огромное от всей души за добрые слова :-))

Flowermouse Design said...

I love this!! What a really great design. And the fact that the edge is knitted as you go is geniuos!!!!

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