Friday, February 28, 2014

Pier Shawlette.

 This is a shawlette (narrower) version of the Pier shawl design. A file for this version of the pattern has been added to the Pier pattern file. When you download Pier pattern you will get two separate files, one for an original shawl and the other one for a shawlette version. If you have bought this pattern previously, an automated update with both shawl versions will be send to you.
I love this shawlette version. It works very well as a scarf and I have been wearing it a lot :-))
Last photo shows the WS.
For yarn info visit my project page on Ravelry.

Happy knitting,


Anna said...

It is a beautiful shawl, Diana! I like it even better than the wider one (the wider shawl is lovely, too, but I am mentally trying them on and this one suits me better :)).

sedna said...

love your work. I downloaded the Sweet Nothing but I am not sure why you have us casting on scrap yarn.. am I missing something?

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