Friday, March 7, 2014

New Pattern: Leto.

Leto is my new design. This was very spontaneous project. I made up this stitch pattern myself, although I am sure it is nothing new. I like the slight zigzag effect it gives to the stripes. The finished scarf has no bias at all. It was quick and fun knit. The colors made me smile and reminded me of summer. “Leto” is summer in Russian.
This can work as a scarf, stole or a throw for my couch :-))

 The pattern is available on my blog and Ravelry.

I am running a promotion on this pattern right now.
The pattern will be sold at $2.00 (50% off its regular price) until Sunday, March 9, 11pm Pacific time. After that date it will be sold at its regular price of $4.00.

Happy International Women’s Day! Warm wishes and Peace to all :-)))

 Happy knitting,


Smitiha said...

И тебя с праздником, Диночка! Пусть весна принесет новых творческих фантазий! Счастья!

Diana said...

Гулечка спасибо тебе большое :-))

Anna said...

Beautiful shawl, Diana! You have a special talent for designing shawls!

concitta said...

Дина, Вас тоже от всей души с праздником! Замечательный дизайн шарфика, солнечный и теплый!

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