Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Pattern: Bella Luna.

 So happy to share with you today  my latest design, Bella Luna:
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Bella Luna is an elegant crescent shawl that features combination of the simple slipped stitch pattern in the body and the little lace zigzag border. The shawl is knitted top down and has crescent shape.
Few notes about this design:
  • the shawl is reversible
  • there are no purl sts in this design ; -)
  • the top edging is extra stretchy, so there is no pooling after blocking
  • the CO/set-up is done in such a way, so there is no visible hump that sometimes can be seen in the shawls of this shape
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Happy knitting,

Saturday, June 11, 2016

June Gloom Kimono.

June Gloom ( as well as May Gray) is a weather pattern here in San Diego. Basically, the sun does not come out until late afternoon and it is gray and on the cooler side for the most part. Perfect weather for a little something like this kimono vest :-)
The diamond pattern is my own creation, but I am sure there are stitch patterns like this around. I love how the k2tog/ssk lines pop on the purl stitch background.
A little on the construction: top-down, seamless (except for the attaching the neck band and tiny seaming where the sleeves were BO), short row shaping of the shoulders, 2st I-cord for the edge of the fronts, I-cord BO for the sleeves and bottom band.
More on this project on Ravelry.  

Happy knitting,