Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Confessions of a Shawlaholic. Part I.

It all started pretty innocent. After being registered on Ravelry for less then half a year, I finally started noticing all the beautiful shawls people have knitted. I wanted to try to make one too, but had no idea how do you knit one. For my first triangular shawl I have chosen this simple garter stitch shawl by Kate Gagnon Osborn.
I thought it would be a perfect project to understand the construction of topdown shawl. You can find more details on this project on Ravelry.

I really loved that little kerchif and the addiction to shawl knitting have began ;-))) 
Next came Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur This is probably the shawl I have been wearing the most so far. More on this project on Ravelry.

Then I knitted a little scarf/shawl called Saroyan by Liz Abinante. It turned out to be very wearable little scarf and easy to knit. More on this project on Ravelry.
My first shawl from a really thin 2 ply yarn, kidsilk actually, came out of my fascination with the lace pattern that I saw used in a top in one of Ravelry patterns and just wanted to use. So, I came up with idea of this stole. Thinking back I should have CO with provisional CO in the middle and knit in both directions, so the edge looks the same on both sides. Instead I just CO and knitted. I love this shawl. I have gifted it to my mom last weekend :-))) I knew that she liked it a lot ;-))) The shawl was named Frost and more pictures can be found on Ravelry.

To be continued............... :-))))) 


Fadenstille said...

I can't believe it so much beautiful work and al this variation, are you having for hands to knit?
Love them al.

Orelka-Лена said...

Диночка, шальки очень красивые! А палантин вообще сама нежность!!!!!!!!

irochka30 said...

Шальки, шальки, шальки! Красота то какая!

Anna said...

Lovely shawls! I am waiting for more:)

Cler said...

Да, Дина - ты шалеманка :))))))

sp-rono said...

Динуль, как здорово, что у тебя есть блог! Такую красоту можно посмотреть в одном месте!

Diana said...

Anett, thank you so much :-)) I wish I had four hands ;-)) for all those projects that I want to knit but have no time for :-))

Лена, Анна, Ира, Аня, Света спасибо вам огромное :-)) эти работы уже связанные, но хотелось их как-то в блоге показать..так я придумала такой формат :-)))

Smitiha said...

Please! Continue! Please!

Madam Butterfly said...

Динуль, я вроде оставляла коммент... Действительно очень красиво посмотреть красоту одну за одной! Успехов и на дальше, пусть у тебя ещё будет их много и одна красивее другой!

Diana said...

Гуля, Лида, спасибо вам большое :-))

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