Sunday, April 8, 2012

Top 10 favorite knitting things :-))

I would like to introduce a new feature to my blog called "Top 10 favorite knitting things".
There are many lovely knitting related things that I come across and I would love to regularly share about my finds with fellow knitters and readers of my blog.
Lets begin ;-))) "Sunny with a Chance of Knitting" very first 

"Top 10 favorite knitting things":

1. Juno Fibre Arts Belle FIngering/4ply yarn, 70 % Alpaca, 30% Wool in colorway 'Sun".
I bought this yarn because of the bright yellow color. Now, that I have knitted with it I love it for its wonderful and soft texture with a little bit of lovely fuzziness to it. 
2. Crystal Palace CPY Bamboo Circulars Needles
I have nickel sensitivity (allergy) and cannot use Nickel plated needles. Bamboo needles are the way to go for me. There are perfect for knitting shawls and kidsilk projects.
3. DyeFor Wool and Dye ForYarn.
I just absolutely love all the yarn I have tried from this brand.  Truly a wonderful experience knitting with these gorgeous yarns. The quality of yarn and the colorways are superb.
4. IngoDesign Shawl Pins.
I am a big fan of these beautiful pins and have quite a few in my collection.  A must for a shawl lover ;-)) 
5. Verena Winter 2011.
Love this issue of Verena. It has lovely color work that I hope to try one day.  I especially like Model 27.
6. Fun Knitting Coffee Mugs from CafePress.
Super cute cups. Great gift idea for a fellow knitter. 
7. Hand Lotion "Clean Line" / "ЧИСТАЯ ЛИНИЯ".
I love hand lotions and use them often. I like my hand to be smooth and soft while I knit and all other times too ;-)) This lotion is very light and smells good enough to eat.
8. Interweave "Knitting Daily Galleries".
This is great feature that they have for "Interweave Knits". In these galleries pictures are posted of  the sample garments from the magazine worn by different people. You can see how  particular knit fits different body types. 
9. Knitting Yarn Swift  and Knitting Yarn Ball Winder from Knit Picks.
I blogged about this earlier. A must have if you are knitting a lot of lace projects and need to rewind a lot of lace yarn.
10. "Filtering Daylight" shawl by Suvi Simola
Love this shawl design. It is fresh and original and I plan to knit it as soon as time permits.  

I wish everyone a great week ahead :-))

Happy knitting,


Smitiha said...

Диночка, спасибо за ссылочку номер 8! Мне очень пригодится, я не очень умею представить вещь на себе, а тут такая возможность посмотреть понравившиеся модельки на живых людях.

Diana said...

Гулечка спасибо :-) Да, это полезная ссылка. Одно и тоже изделие совершенно по разному сидит на разных женщинах. Можно в принципе не только смотреть как именно данная модeль смотрится, но и в целом как интересующий крой изделия смотрится на ком-то похожем к тебе по телосложению.

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