Monday, February 20, 2012

New Design: Etude in Stripes.

~Etude~ is a musical composition written solely to improve technique. Often performed for artistic interest.

I love the color combination of grey and yellow and wanted a simple cardigan with yellow and gray stripes for a while.  I also wanted to practice knitting seamless top-down raglan construction. I have originally started to work on this project 5 month ago by  using single strand of each yarn. I was not completely happy with the way it was coming out…a little too thin and flimsy. However, I loved this color combo a lot and decided to give this cardi another go by knitting with 2 strands of each yarn and designing my own cardigan instead of "Amiga" pattern I originally started.

Project called " Etude in Stripes" and can be found on Ravelry.
Grey:  2/14 Alpaca Silk by Valley Yarns ( Lace / 2 ply 80% Alpaca, 20% Silk)
Yellow: Supersock Lace by Cherry Tree Hill ( Lace / 2 ply 100% Merino )

I love how this cardigan turned out and the whole process of knitting it. It took a little longer then anticipated, since I took some time to work on my “Layered” shawl design, but it was an easy and unproblematic knit. Basic top-down raglan construction. Sleeves knitted seamless to the armholes and then knitted flat and seamed. I do love seamless everything, but came to realization that it is much easier for me to knit sleeves flat after separation for the sleeves and the body.

 I loved both yarns used in this project. Knitted both of them in 2 strands. Variegate yellow yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Lace) knitted up makes some lovely stripes. I think this type of yarn is perfect for stripes and make them come alive due to all the shades of the yarn. Alpaca silk from Valley yarns is a wonderful yarn too. The finished cardigan feels very silky and soft to the skin. I really enjoyed knitting this cardigan with the lace yarn held double. I will knit this way in the future for sure, because there were very few loose end to hide (lace yarn just comes in one big skein) and also the whole project cost was just $30.00 :-))

Happy Knitting,


Fatinika said...

Как симпатично, удачное сочетание цветов! И фото - такие уютные, спокойные. Тебе очень идет :)!

Cler said...

Классный кардик получился! Вечно так - начнешь одно, потом получается что-то другое)))

Monika said...

That jacket looks great!

Anna said...

I like how it turned out. Especially that wider gray stripe in the bottom gives an unexpected twist.

Rinako said...

Для меня интересное сочитание цвета...Дина,тебе идт и цвет,и модель.

Katerina К (the joy of ...) said...

Очень приятный карди. цвета действительно сочетаются прекрасно и свежо. Поздравляю.
ЗЫ: жутко хочется такой же зеленой травки.

Diana said...

Девочки спасибо большое за добрые слова :-))) Такое сочетание цветов и такой фасон кардигана одни из моих любимых :-))
Катя, у нас конечно тепло..сейчас наверное такая погода как в Апреле в Белоруссии :-)) так что этот кардик в самый раз :-))

Diana said...

Thank you so much everybody for commenting and your kind words :-))
Anna, thank you :-)) I do love wide trims on knitted garments when possible :-))

Madam Butterfly said...

Great job! Your cardi came out beautifully!

elenalionne said...

Как же я люблю полосочки! Дианочка, очень уютный жакетик и цвета такие спокойные, повседневные. Очень удачно!

Joanna said...

Diana- it's a beautiful and perfect cardigan.
You look wonderful in it, the combination of colours very successful.
Joanna aka Kocurek :)))

Robin said...

Wow Diana, you have been a busy knitter! Your new designs are so pretty - I love them!! :)

Diana said...

Thank you so much everyone for your lovely comments :))

Annemaris Univers said...

I love your cardigan. I just found it on Ravelry via Pinterest. But I noticed that your pattern is unavailable in the moment. Is it possible to purchase it?

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