Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Silhouette" Shawl Pattern is now available :-)

My sister asked me for an airy summer shawl and "Silhouette" is the shawl that  I have designed for her.  She did not see her shawl in person yet, but loved it via the pictures and cannot wait to wear it :))
"Silhouette" shawl has been test knitted and pattern is now available on Ravelry and my blog.
Thank you so much to all readers of my blog and my Ravelry friends for your support and kind comments about this project :-))
Original post about this pattern can be found here.

Happy Knitting,


Madam Butterfly said...

Diana, you are amazing! So many shawls in so little time! You have such a high productivity!

Fatinika said...

какая паутинка получилась, здорово!

Vaida said...

Поздравляю с публикацией еще одной великолепной шали!

Diana said...

Девушки спасибо большое за добрые слова :-))

Lidochka, I think I have an average productivity :)) During most days I barely knit an hour or nothing at all. Sometimes new projects just get finished and the older projects are published, so it seems that I have been knitting non-stop ;-))

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