Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rhapsody in Grey.

Rhapsody is extended, emotional piece of music or literature, or an enthusiastic written or spoken response or feeling, or an ancient Greek epic poem.

I had this yarn (Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport) in my stash for 3 years or so and it was time to use it ;-) I wanted to knit a loose fitting open cardigan with a seamless topdown construction and with seamless set-in sleeves. Started this project very fast. Everything fell into place right away with the stitch pattern I choose and the yarn.

 One of the primary reason I designed this cardigan was to get some practice in this particular sleeve construction.  The sleeves are knitted seamless from the top and flat after the all sts for sleeve are picked up. I have knitted sleeves this way few other times, but this was the first time I tried this technique in my own design. The sleeve construction was actually the primary reason for this design since I wanted to learn how to do them myself. When I knitted other designs with this type of sleeves, they used short rows with w&t by picking up all sts for the sleeve at first. I really hated that approach I must say. So, I picked up sts different way from the top of the sleeve at the shoulder and added new stitches gradually without any wrap and turn at all. It worked beautifully and I will definitely will knit this type of sleeve again.

 I am so happy how this cardigan turned out and cannot wait to wear it. It is so cozy ind fits me so well. It feels wonderful :-)) I am definitely knitting another one in black ;-))
My project can be found on Ravelry and is called "Rhapsody in Grey".

Happy knitting,


concitta said...

Диана, чудный кардиган! Какое у вас все женственное и теплое, слов нет! У вас особое чутье на создание потрясающих вещей "с дыханием")) Я бы такой с удовольствием носила...

Diana said...

Вероника спасибо большое за такие добрые и трогательные слова :-)) я люблю женственные изделия, будь то шаль или кардиган...трендам не следую,а вяжу и придумываю то что душа просит :-)) спасибо ещё раз, мне очень приятно :-))

concitta said...

Диана, моя весенняя вам награда -
Это вам спасибо, что вы есть! Мне еще сто лет учиться, чтобы найти эту жилку в себе - нежности и деликатности, которую вы чуете безошибочно)))

dandelion said...

о! Вот ты умеешь, Дина, сразить в самое сердце! Согласна, что все твои модели невероятно женственны и очаровательны!

Diana said...

Девочки спасибо вам огромное за такие добрые слова в мой адрес. Мне очень и очень приятно :-))
Вероника спасибо большое за награду :-))

MJ Pepper said...

Diana, your work is beautiful, but Rhapsody in Gray is absolutely stunning! I love the design, details, tall collar back, sleeve construction, and the nice fit. I WANT ONE!
I pray you are working on writing the pattern for this cardigan. I will be the first to buy, if you do.
Please let me know, if it isn't any trouble.
Thank you so much for your time and attention to my request.

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