Monday, July 29, 2013

New design: Kvetka.

Today I would like to share my new design "Kvetka".
Kvetka means flower in Belorussian.

I love how this sweater turned out. It was fun to design it and to knit. The stitch pattern looks like little cables, but it is not cables at all, but a lace stitich that looks like little flowers. Very addictive lace stitch that keeps the project interesting throughout.
The sweater knitted seamless topdown and has raglan sleeves. Sleeves and body knitted seamless in the raglan area, but after separation for body and sleeves, body is knitted seamless and sleeves are knitted flat and later sewn. The sweater also has fake side and raglan seams.

 For this project I combined two different yarns. I have used 1 strand of SIŪLAS Lithuanian Linen and 2 strands of ColourMart 100% Extra Fine Merino 2/30NM Laceweight. 
I love the resulting ink color which resulted from combining two different shades of purple/blue yarns.

My project can be found on Ravelry here.
Pattern will be available after test knitting is completed early September.

Happy knitting,


Smitiha said...

Какой интересный эффект! Очень интригующе! И цвет - такой полуночный. И сочетание ниточек дало интересное полотно - легкое, воздушное и непрозрачное. Чудесная модель, поздравляю, Диночка!

concitta said...

Дина, свитер просто чудесный! Так все гармонично и женственно... Вы как всегда не перестаете восхищать))
Если можно участвовать в тестировании, напишите, пожалуйста...

Anna said...

It is a lovely sweater! The colour is perfect for you!

Татьяна Прасолова said...

Диана, очень красиво!!! Молодец!!!

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