Saturday, November 30, 2013

Golden Weave Shawl

Hi all :))) I have been traveling a little ( a little more on that in the future post) and away from my blog. However I have been knitting during this time and I have a new shawl to share with you. It is my old design called "Woven".  This shawl is available as free download on Ravelry and my blog.

This was a long project. Linen stitch is not for the faint of heart, especially all 900 yards of it ;-)) However, it is so worth it. I am very happy how this shawl turned out. I love the large size of it. I can comfortably wrap the shawl around my shoulders and it covers the arms for warmth and stays put on the shoulders. I love the yarn, both the colors and the silky texture of it. And I love the contrasting picot edge I chose for this shawl.
Also, this shawl was the most perfect project for traveling. You can just stop and pick up knitting at any time and do not need to bring any instructions with you. Great plane and airport knitting :))
My project is called "Golden Weave" and can be found on Ravelry here.

Happy knitting,


Елена said...

Дина, шаль чудесна, тебе идет безумно! ЭТо мой маст-хэв, обязательно ее свяжу!

Diana said...

Леночка спасибо большое :)) вяжи обязательно..хоть и долго вязать этим узором, но результат настолько радует, что оно того стоит :))

dandelion said...

Прекрасная работа! И фотографии такие чудесные!

Anna said...

Diana, I love the simplicity of the shawl! Nice colour transitions, too.

Tatiana said...

Дианочка, узор словно плетение из соломки и даже раскрас пряжи напоминает соломку. Очень красивая шаль!

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