Friday, June 19, 2015


I am excited to show you my new design called Roza. Roza means rose in Russian. I loved working on it, both designing and knitting. I love how delicate this stole come out in DyeForYarn GmbH​ Fingering // Tussah Silk. Cannot say enough good things about this yarn. Pure joy and love :))) The velvety feel of it together with silkiness and wonderful drape make this an absolutely amazing yarn.
If you are interested in test knitting Roza, please send me a message on Ravelry. Details for this test knit and more Roza photographs an project info can be found here:

Happy knitting,


Татьяна Прасолова said...

Очень красивый дизайн! Действительно захотелось связать!!!

Елена said...

Дина, это что-то фантастическое, невероятно нежная и воздушная и кружевная, а цвет!!!!!!!!!!

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