Saturday, January 30, 2016

Something Cozy :-)

Throw/blanket for my son :-)
So happy to be using yarn from my stash bought in 2008!!! I do not know what I was thinking buying this color to knit myself something, but it is perfect for a 10 year old's throw :-)
I would love to make something cabled, but there is just not enough yarn for cables to get any good size for a cabled throw. Started with a different diamond pattern first, but my son said it looked too girly ;-) He liked the pattern I used for Gingembre mitts. It is simple, but looks great in aran weight and makes for a mindless TV knitting. 
Project can be found on Ravelry.

 Happy knitting,


Smitiha said...

Классный плед! очень мужской и старинно-современный

Cler said...

Оу, какой диванчик! Плед отличный вышел, мужской!

Diana said...

Девчонки спасибо большое :)) Не только сын, но и дочка им пользуется не переставая сейчас чему я очень рада :)

Auriga said...

Выглядит замечательно и очень уютно!

Diana said...

Spasibo :-)

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