Tuesday, April 24, 2018

New Shawl Pattern: Fire Spirit.

I am excited to introduce to you my fourth and final (for now) design in the series of Shawls for Friends. Fire Spirit pattern can be found on Ravelry:
Introductory 50% off until Thursday 11 pm PST. 
I designed this shawl for my friend Elena.  She is a wonderful friend I have known for about 20 years. She is very sincere, kind and, unlike most people, she does not afraid to give you a complement, say a kind word and just make you feel better. I feel that she has an inner radar that make her sense when people need a kind word the most.
When thinking about the design I would love to make for her, two things came to mind: red and fringe. :-) I love love how Fire Spirit shawl turned out. Love the cable/lace/fringe combination. It is a fun shawl, as you can see from my pics ;-), and I hope Elena will love it and will enjoy wearing it.

Fire Spirit shawl features combination of rhombus silhouettes set in lace and a little cable twists. Fringe adds a playful element to the design. All of these elements reminiscent of fire flames thus giving the design its name. The shawl is knitted bottom-up. The border is designed in the way that makes it very easy to attach fringe and to block the shawl. Grab your favorite yarn and have fun knitting.

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