Friday, July 15, 2011

Once upon a stitch :-))

While knitting my Accidental Vest, I got hooked on the stitch pattern I used in that project. I had an idea to use it in the shawl. The question was, what yarn I should use for the shawl. For the vest I used Filatura Di Crosa Baby Lovely, a 10 ply aran weight yarn. 

  A heavy aran weight yarn, like the one used in the cardi definitely presents the stitch pattern to it's best advantage. However, a shawl in aran weight seems too heavy to me. I do not want to knit a blanket ;-)) I thought the DK weight should work nicely. I really wanted to use something from my stash, but I did not have a suitable DK yarn available. I have tried the pattern on 4 ply and knitted it with 1 or 2 strands, but I did not love the results. I could not let go if the idea of the shawl and decided to order something. I choose Maiko by Noro, a DK weight yarn. While the yarn is lovely, soft and a little silky, the pattern looked lost to me on the sample I have knitted.

I have turned to my stash once again and this time tried Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, 5ply sport weight. 
The resulting knitted fabric was quite lovely, but the yarn is a tiny bit itchy for me for something that is going to be worn around the neck and I also was looking for a little more depth and variation in the color.

I have decided to order again ;-)) After much search on Ravelry for appropriate DK yarn, I ordered Malabrigo Yarn Silky Merino, DK weight yarn.  I love this yarn. It is very soft and the color variation is just what I was looking for. I started knitting my shawl and I loved how the stitch pattern was coming out with this yarn. 

  It took some time and some sample knitting, but I am happy with the way my new shawl is coming out. I have called my new design : "Fly me to the moon". You can find my project on Ravelry and read more why I choose this name for my shawl :)))
I had very little time to knit or to blog since the summer started, but  I hope to finish the shawl this weekend ;-))


Madam Butterfly said...

Very lovely indeed!
Thank you for sharing your process on choosing yarn! It is very important part of designing.
Can't wait till finished result!

Anna said...

Deena, thanks for this post. It is most helpful to see different fabrics with different yarns but with the same stitch pattern.

Diana said...

Lida, Anna thank you so much :-)))
The shawl is finished and the stitch pattern blocked beautifully. I will show it as soon as I can take some pictures :-)) I think it did pay off to spend time looking for just the right yarn :-))

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