Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Yarn: adding to the stash :-))

I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately. Some of it due to the moving and all the work and time that goes into it even months after one moves.
The other reason for not writing much is that for more then a week most of our family had the stomach flu. My 6 year old has got it the worst. Having been sick myself and taking care of him has left me very tired and my back completely strained from carrying my son around all the time. But after trip to ER and having a long weekend to rest, we started to slowly feel better. My son is back to being a mischievous little boy  and I even knitted some samples for a new shawl yesterday :-))

Today, I want to show you some of my recent yarn purchases ;-)) With my approaching birthday, I have decided to spoil myself a little ;-)). Plus, I like to have some lace and fingering yarn on hand for my shawl designs and ideas.  I cannot wait to knit with this delicious yarn :-)) I usually do not blog about my yarn purchases, but just too exited about these particular additions. Some of the yarns are old favorites from DyeForYarn brand and some are brand new ones I wanted to try. I will write about how I like these yarns after I knit something from them.  For the details on my yarn stash please visit my Ravelry page here. The yarn on the cone was a very sweet present from Borie :-))

Happy Knitting,


elenalionne said...

Какие красивые ниточки! Очень нравятся вот эти в левом нижнем углу (терракота?). Динуль, выздоравливайте!!!

scriptoria said...

Beautiful yarns! Yes, adding to the stash is very nice and easy, it's using the stash that becomes more and more problematic :)

Cler said...

Динуля, выздоравливайте! Ми фавориты - мятные само собой))) Давай уж свяжи что-то такое, что я тоже потом свяжу)))

Lidia said...

Diana, I am sorry to hear your news :(
It looks like you and I ran into some bad luck with our health lately. I hope you all will recover completely very soon! Please take care of yourself first.If you'll not be well, then who is going to take care of others?

I am glad you spoiled yourself! Well done! Looking forward to your new projects!


Diana said...

Лена, Света, Лида спасибо большое девочки :-)) потихонечку поправляемся :-)) Вы тоже не болейте!!!

Agnieszka, you are so right ;-)) I do have plans for these yarn, but I hope I have enough time to knit everything I planed for it ;-)) There is only 24 hrs in a day and other things to do besides knitting ;-))

Smitiha said...

Диночка, выздоравливай!
Ниточки просто чудесные, особенно мне приглянулись желтенькие!

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