Monday, June 11, 2012

New Shawl Design: "Norka".

Today I would like to share with you my shawl design for Lotus Yarns and their new yarn Mimi. This yarn is 100% mink and is just unbelievably soft. It is softer then cashmere I think. The yarn has slight fuzziness, but the fuzz stays put :-)). No animals were harmed in the process of making this yarn. They are brushed for fiber. I truly enjoyed working with this yarn. It is luxurious to knit with and such a pleasure to wear the finished shawl.

I named this shawl “Norka” which means mink in Russian :-) The lace stitch used for the shawl body has long been one of my favorites and I have been wanting to use it in a shawl design for a while. Mimi yarn seems perfect for it. I love how the lace looks in it. The border you see in the pictures was the second border I tried and I am so happy I decided to re-knit my original border. The lace stitch used in the border is also one of my favorite patterns.  I love how it all (yarn, lace and design) came together in this shawl :-)

The pattern will be released at the end of the week or so on Ravelry, my blog and Lotus Yarns website.


The pictures of this shawl have been taken in my backyard. The bench that  photographs have been taken on came with the house. There is a writing on the bench.

 I did not know were the verse came from, but found out recently that these are words from a poem by Dorothy Frances Gurney " God's Garden":

The kiss of the sun for pardon,
The song of the birds for mirth,
One is nearer God's Heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on Earth.
  • "God's Garden" lines 13–16, Poems, by Dorothy Frances Gurney (London: Country Life, 1913)

Happy knitting,


Madam Butterfly said...

Congratulations, my friend! Lovely design!
What a wonderful inheritance of a bench with such beautiful words!

Diana said...

Lidochka thank you so much :)) I am in love with this shawl :))
Yes, such a lovely bench and a poem :)) Thank you :))

Cler said...

Динуля, очень красивая шаль, даже не представляю, какая мягкая, но на фото видно, что очень :)))

elenalionne said...

Диночка, поздравляю! Как всегда великолепно: красивый узор + замечательная пряжа = элегантная и уютная шаль!

Smitiha said...

Мои поздравления! Дина, она такая белая и мягкая!

Katerina К (the joy of ...) said...

Диана, поздравляю. Замечательную норочку вырастила!

Anna said...

Such a wonderful shawl! Congratulations, very unique combination of stitch patterns.

Lete said...

Congratulations Diana! It's beautiful!
"Norka" in Polish is the same :-)

Rinako said...

Какая прелесть!!!

helena said...

Oh,very beautiful and so elegant in white!

scriptoria said...

Diana, another fabulous shawl, congratulations!:)

Людмила - Luca said...

Дина, очень интересный и очень красивый дизайн!!!

Diana said...

Thank you so much everybody for you wonderful comments and words. I am so glad you loved this shawl :))

Девочки спасибо большоe за добрые слова :-)) Мне очень приятно и радостно что вам понравилась Норочка :-))

dandelion said...

Диночка, браво! Замечательный дизайн! С удовольствием рассматривала все переходы на шали! Очень красиво!

studena said...

Sorry, but this is ridicuolus!They are brushed???
Probably, but after they are killed.
Are you saw china`s mink farm? They swimm in blood.
That what you tell us is nothing as bad yoke of chinas propaganda.

Im sorry again, I like yor blog and your work, but I dont like wenn people close eyes from the truth.

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