Sunday, April 12, 2015

New pattern: Mizu.

I am excited to introduce my latest shawl design called Mizu.
Mizu means water in Japanese. It’s phonetically pronounced “mee-zoo”.
Mizu is an elegant shawl that features combination of simple ridges and a wavy lace border. The shawl’s body is knitted bottom-up with the stitches later picked up for the border from the yo loops used for shawl increases. It is fun and easy construction to knit. Purl ridges used in the shawl’s body are carried over to the border as wavy ridges in a contrasting color. Suitable for a lazy night in or for a stroll along the shoreline, this light, yet warm shawl is perfect for all year round.
You can find more details about this pattern on Ravelry.

I will be hosting a knit-a-long for the Mizu shawl in Sunny with a Chance of Knitting group. I hope you will join us :-) The thread for KAL is here:

The pattern is 30% off ($3.50) for the next 48hrs (end of the day on April 14, PST). After that the pattern will be sold at it regular price of $5.00. You can join the KAL at any time, but you need to finish the shawl and post your pictures by the KAL finish day of May 15 in order to qualify for prizes.

Happy knitting,


Cler said...

Дина, с новым дизайном! Очень уютный паттерн, тут, конечно, главное цвет и нитки!

Елена said...

Диночка, очереденой шедевр! Согласна со Светой, уютная, так и хочется закутаться и походить по берегу океана ))). Сочетание - идеальное!!!

Diana said...

Девчёнки спасибо большое за поддержку и добрые слова :-)))
Да, шаль очень уютная, особенно розовая, так как побольше. Я просто уверена что эти шали будут очень часто носиться мной :-))

Flowermouse Design ❀ Lone said...

What a lovely design!!!!

Diana said...

Thank you so much for your kind words :))

concitta said...

Дина, чудесная шаль! Женственная, уютная, красивая! Здорово!

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