Thursday, October 29, 2015

Bridal Palessie Shawl.

Palessie shawl knitted in ivory silk yarn by ColourMart:
It only took 1.5 years for me to photograph this shawl ;-) I even  had to re-block the shawl since it has been so long since I made it.
I love this shawl. The silk is gorgeous. A little splitty, but not too much. The drape and the shine of the yarn are amazing.  I think it would make a perfect bridal shawl for someone or I just will wear it for special occasions in the summer :-)

Happy knitting,


Smitiha said...

Дина, какая красота! дух захватывает!

Diana said...

Гулечка спасибо большое :)))

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