Monday, May 9, 2016

Basic Black.

After few years of saying that I must knit myself a basic black cardigan and never finding time to make one, I am finally designed and knitted one :)
 I love love how this cardi turned out and I will definitely make one in lighter color.
While the cardi is very simple, I did not particularly wanted to knit it in st. st. However, because black is so hard on my eyes, I had to keep the stitch pattern simple. I liked the very 1st one I made up on the fly while knitting a sample. Very very simple, but gives a nice texture I wanted, easy to fit into any decreases/increases and most importantly super easy to knit in black.
The construction is the same as in my Honey Ale cardi, seamless, top-down and with set-in seamless sleeves.  More on this design on Ravelry:

Happy knitting,


Monika said...

Love it! Everybody needs a basic cardi. You used one of my favorite stitch patterns for it too. :o)

Cler said...

Дина, классный карди. Узор вроде простой, но такую текстуру красивую создает.

Ирина Жаданова said...

Вот и я на текстуру засмотрелась))

Diana said...

Monika thank you so much :-) I love this little stitch. So simple, yet gives such a nice texture.

Diana said...

Девушки спасибо большое :-) Да, меня этот узорчик и привлёк своей текстурой и тем что он просто вяжется и легко виден на чёрной пряже. К тому же, очень скучно вязать так много чёрного просто лицевой гладью ;-)

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