Monday, May 16, 2016

New Pattern: Rainbow Loom.

Rainbow Loom pattern is now LIVE.
Introductory 25% off until May 19 (11pm, PST).
Rainbow Loom is a fun to knit, slipped stitch cowl with a touch of lace and a pop of color. The different stitch patterns seamlessly transition into one another to create a beautiful combination of texture and lace. Using the same basic pattern you can make this cowl your own by choosing how many colors to use, when to use them and by changing the lace/slipped stitch layout. While designed with a gradient yarn in mind, this pattern can be knitted in a single color or as many colors as you like. It is great for leftover yarn too. One pattern gives you endless possibilities to explore and knit. 

Happy knitting,

Friday, May 13, 2016

New Pattern: Spring Waltz.

I am very happy to announce that Spring Waltz pattern is now live :-)
Introductory 25% off until May 16 (noon, PST). 

Spring Waltz is an elegant crescent shawl that features combination of the simple slipped stitch and lace patterns. Knitted in contrasting yarn colors, the different stitch patterns seamlessly transition into one another and add beautiful combination of texture and lace to the shawl. Pair your favorite fun sock yarn with a solid, choose just one color or use a self-striping yarn, and the color combinations are endless.
  • the shawl is almost completely reversible
  • there are no purl sts in this design ;-)
  • the top edging is extra stretchy, so there is no pooling after blocking
  • the CO/set-up is done in such a way, so there is no visible hump that sometimes can be seen in the shawls of this shape
  • both, written and charted instructions are included

Happy Knitting,

Monday, May 9, 2016

Basic Black.

After few years of saying that I must knit myself a basic black cardigan and never finding time to make one, I am finally designed and knitted one :)
 I love love how this cardi turned out and I will definitely make one in lighter color.
While the cardi is very simple, I did not particularly wanted to knit it in st. st. However, because black is so hard on my eyes, I had to keep the stitch pattern simple. I liked the very 1st one I made up on the fly while knitting a sample. Very very simple, but gives a nice texture I wanted, easy to fit into any decreases/increases and most importantly super easy to knit in black.
The construction is the same as in my Honey Ale cardi, seamless, top-down and with set-in seamless sleeves.  More on this design on Ravelry:

Happy knitting,