Monday, October 10, 2011

Shopping for knitwear.

Yesterday I did some shopping at Ann Taylor Loft and was amused to come across a cardigan with the stitch pattern similar to the one I have just used in couple of my designs. One being "Fly me to the Moon" shawl and the other one "Accidental vest".

Вчера я была в магазине Ann Taylor Loft и с интересом там разглядывала  кардиган с похожим узором на тот что я использовала недавно в двух моих дизайнах: шаль "Fly me to the Moon"  и жилет "Accidental vest".

This got me thinking, that ever since I have started to knit actively in 2007, I cannot shop for knitwear items the same way I did before. Now, I only buy lace-weight knits, that impossible to knit by hand. When it comes to heavier gauge items such as sweaters and cardigans and especially scarves and other accessory items, I find myself passing them by in the stores. I will look at those items in terms of construction and stitch patterns used and think to myself  "I can make it myself, why buy?"  Especially in the case when the yarn used by the store brands is mostly synthetic fibers, which I personally dislike and do not wear. Of course, if a particular piece of clothing of a good quality and is sold at the right price I will buy it if I need that item and love it, since I do not have time to knit everything I want :-)))
What about you? Has being an avid knitter changed the way you shop for knitwear?

Это меня навело на мысли, что с тех пoр как я стала активно вязать в 2007 году, я стала по другому относиться к покупке трикотажных изделий. Конечно, я как и прежде покупаю тонкий трикотаж, который невозможно связать своими руками. А вот свитера и кардиганы из более толстой пряжи, я частенько прохожу стороной. Вернее, я обращаю внимание на конструкцию изделия и использованные узоры, но обычно говорю себе " Я могу такое и сама связать, зачем покупать?" :-)) Особенно это актуально, когда та или иная модель связанна из  синтетической пряжи которую я не люблю и не ношу. Конечно, всё что мне бы хотелось связать, мне просто не под силу :-)) Нет достаточно времени на воплощение всех моих идей и хотелок. И когда я вижу трикотажное изделие что мне нравиться из хорошей пряжи за хорошую цену и оно мне нужно в моём гардеробе, то я его покупаю.
А как умение вязать изменило ваш подход к покупке трикотажа?

Have a wonderful week and Happy knitting,



Madam Butterfly said...

Diana, how cool!
I often find myself that I would design something for myself and then later see similar thing in the store in in the pattern magazine.
I agree with you that being a knitter changes the way one shops for clothing.

Катерина К said...

О, да. Согласна на все 100%. Особенно с этим: specially in the case when the yarn used by the store brands is mostly synthetic fibers, which I personally dislike and do not wear.

Robin said...

Diana, I am exactly the same way as you in this! I bypass things I'd rather make myself, but I would purchase an exquisite knit in a super fine weight or fancy machine stitch that cannot be done by hand. Also, a wonderful value on say, a very basic style in luxury yarn (cashmere?) can often be purchased far less expensively, in which case I save my precious knitting time and yarn money for something I really want to knit.

Anna said...

Diana, I know what you are talking about. I am curious to explore knitwear in shops in the terms of construction, stitch patterns etc or in order to determin whether a certain construction suits me. I never buy knitwear anymore.

aafke7 said...

Oh yes! You're telling a true story! Why buy if there is a way to make something similar in the perfect colour choice of your own mood? And isn't it quite a challenge to make 'pretty' wearable things in an ageappropriate fashion for ourselves?
thanks Diana for that beautyful rose-link you send me!:)

Diana said...

Thank you everybody for commenting and sharing your thoughts on the subject :-))

Vera, you welcome :-)) I love rose gardens myself too :-))

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